An advisable prescription- Dealing with a friend with mental

It is difficult for people to deal with a friend with mental illness, because they probably do not understand what is wrong. and although their intentions will be good, they may end up coming off as insensitive.
Telling someone they cannot feel sad or insulted because other people go through it too
and are probably worse, is like telling someone their happiness isn’t justified because other people have it better!
Be there for your friends in their time of need, instead of not noticing their needs all should help them get through it, and for that you need to accept the existence of the problem in the first place.
If people have the right to celebrate their achievements in life, people also have the right to be sad, feel dejected, and vent out every once in a while. As a friend for someone going through a rough phase, it is important to let them release their feelings, instead of making them shut them out. That maybe be a short term solution, and probably helpful if they are in a social situation like a function or school etc. but it is not an advisable prescription.

Because days later, they can get triggered by something minuscule, which would then release into a volcano of pent up repressed emotions which were forcefully shut down.
Be there for your friends, they need you more than they let you know.


8 thoughts on “An advisable prescription- Dealing with a friend with mental

  1. I always add a little disclaimer – Being a friend to a Depressive isn’t easy, it isn’t for everyone. If you can’t do it, fine. Don’t try, nobody’s blamin’ ya. But if you do try, be bloody sure. You don’t swim into the middle of a river to save a drowning man if you’re not sure of your own breast-stroke

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    1. I agree with you entirely. It is a tough task, and it takes a lot of determination and patience.
      I wrote this piece a year back, today morning my brother in the process of reading my posts ended up publishing posts I had drafted. I aim on returning back to this topic and write something better.


      1. I am trying to build a stronger relationship with my brother. Since I live in a hostel I get to see him once in 6 months. So when we meet he goes through the things I have written. And I review what he writes. We are both aspiring writers and critics for one another. He is 6 years younger to me, he will always be my first baby and I am his little mom. I dont know about other sibblings but Its always been this way with us.

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  2. Others with issues are difficult ti deal with sometimes but most of them mage up for it. I’ve had friends and family with mental health issues. It’s hard to understand. Best dealt with instead.

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