The Lost Friend

I came here on a dream,
In one of yours,
They were happy dreams,
Made from happy times,
I played with you, on those rainy days,
Your confidant in lonely times.
We shared a bond, not many can have.
But life took a turn,
The tide rose and fell,
Like it always does.

Your dreams turned into nightmares,
There were sad times around.
I tried to protect you,
Looked out for you,
Fought your inner demons.
Tried to make all fears go away,
It was tough, I did the best I could.
I did succeed.

They went away,
All fears left you
The darkness escaped you.
But it took me time, and thus
All your dreams ended,
You grew up, grew old,
You forgot to dream,(about me) forgot me,

I came here,
Once upon a dream,
Not quite long ago
It may seem…


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