Lights, Shadows and Love


Once our hearts are broken, we become sceptical. We vomit at the sight of romcoms, and cheezy love songs. It is a state of despair, sadness and loneliness. We loose confidence in who we are because we build our lives around that one person. In order to regain control of our lives and existence we need a catalyst to shake us up! We begin to believe in the nice things of life.

I am at such a position now, slowly awakening from my slumber. And I noticed how a change in perspective changes everything.

Above is a picture, where it seems as if my Jade/Money plant has fallen in love with my Minion. As much as I want Disney and Pixar to make this happen;I wouldn’t have even noticed the shadows, had I not been in the place I am. We tend to run away from the Light and coccoon ourselves, but we need to believe and see how the interplay of Light and Dark creates Love!

Stay True to yourself!


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