My Dear Angel

The instance I saw you
An angel I could see
Somewhere deep down I knew
That we were meant to be

But my angel was tormented
By the world around
When she was meant to fly
She was tied to the ground

They took away
Her innocence & her charm
She deserved care and love
But all she got was harm

She way dying slowly
Day after day
I chased her,I called to her
But she’d never stay

Oh my dear angel!
I want to be by your side
Come away with me
In me you can confide

I want to live moments with you
The bad ones I will erase
I want your companionship your love
Together, we can solve this maze

I want to embrace your shadows
and all those demons inside
I want to make love to your essence
And remove the pains that you hide

I know you can never see
Yourself with my eyes
I want to be your guardian
I want to help you rise

For life may not be roses and rainbows
But, I want to make it all come true
I have travelled the worlds to say
I love you!


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