The Missing Piece

The missing piece

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. As we grow up, from the time we are born, we find new pieces. Some fit perfectly, others we are not quite sure where to put them. Sometimes a piece seems just right until you can see the big picture. Sometimes an event changes the picture completely. Sometimes you may have the picture, but have no pieces to fit. Life is with its twists and turns and ups and downs, with its mazes and how it amazes.

Similarly, we are too like puzzles. While living our life and completing its puzzles, we tend to complete ourselves. We are all born with a few pieces, through the years we may exchange them with someone, or borrow, or even create together. Moments, shared laughter, pains and sorrows, experiences, fights, abuse and praise, all fit together and make us who we are, and what we stand for.

We are all made up of such pieces, in different concentrations and ratios, similar and still different. Often we do not realise the battles of the person next to us. We always think that the grass is greener on the other side, especially for other people.
But, we fail to realise how all of us are made up of such pieces. We are all in our individual quests to complete and unravel the big picture. Yet we simultaneously also contribute to each other’s puzzles. You never know how a word you said, or a thing you did, could make the perfect picture or break someone’s puzzle, or leave an in-erasable mark!

In our quests to find the meaning and purpose of life, we sometimes loose ourselves. Love is one such quest. If love blossoms, we forge a new identity with the person we love. If love rots, we often forget who we were before it happened. Same happens if we fail at endeavours like jobs, relationships, or even parenting. When we build our life around something, and it’s over, we don’t remember what we were before,

Often a lot of us go around looking for the missing piece. As is stereo typically shown in popular cinema the logical seeks the philosophical, the feminine the masculine, the weak seeks the strong, the rational seeks the idealist etc.
I am not against the concept of opposites attract. However I do believe that love may not always complete us. Instead of looking for that one person who could fill our gaps, our missing piece, maybe we need to find the missing piece in ourselves! And then strive to fill it. Life is a maze, a jumble of various humans destinies entwined together by fate. We often are on a search for something, someone to complete us, rather than completing ourselves. A Disney prince or a Mr. Grey may not always be around to be our salvation!
Media has always portrayed love as a medicine for ills. But how can one possibly love another, when one doesn’t love oneself?

Accepting our flaws and dealing with our demons is a tougher route to take. Therefore instead of finding ways to eradicate those demons, we find someone who can camouflage them for us, or silence them. But they will always be there, lurking, waiting, and even getting stronger, till one day if your shield is down, or your love has gone, or something triggers them. Why let them live and feed them in the first place?

The possibilities are endless, but to truly love someone with all our hearts, to surrender in love and let it guide you, one needs to first begin to truly love oneself. The warmth of a loving heart is experienced by a few. The warmth of love towards oneself can help us rise in life, and spread the warmth to others. They say that the one person, who can change your life, is the one you see in the mirror. Pause, look at that reflection. Go and kiss that image in the mirror! Love her and pamper her. Listen to her, see her, accept her, and improve her. Be with her, Raise her, protect her, nourish her and care for her. Its only when you can fill the missing piece in yourself that the jigsaw puzzle of life will finally take shape!

Stay true to yourself!


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