Remember? Those Clover Patch Summers ?


Do you remember?
Those distant summers,
When we were so young.
When life, was much more, Simpler,
When lullabies were sung.

When afternoons were spent,
Chasing around butterflies.
When there was no grief and no Sorrows,
Oh! How time flies!


That lucky four leaved clover.
We always tried to find.
We have, both moved on now,
Such memories behind.

Those were the times,
When night, seemlessly,
Flowed into day.
We would roam around,
Laughing, and loosing our way.

When your tiny little hand,
Fit, just perfectly in mine.
I cherish our childhood,
God’s, Lovely, Grace Divine.


Those clover patches are still there,
Somewhere far, from deceit and Lies.
They await, our return, patiently,
When we have, some time,
In our lives.


How we used to find,
Feathers, Pebbles of the rarest kind!
Hidden under bushes,
Trees or Ivy.
I could still try finding some,
If only I had, you, beside me.

If you ever,
Do change your mind,
Change your plans,
Wished to stay.
We could trade,
Some of our tommorows,
For just, one, yesterday. . .



P.S.- Pictures taken by Mobile (Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus)


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