Month: December 2014

Soul-ar Connection

Love affairs are always the talk of the town. Love creates stories, songs,  heroes, villains and legends.
One such Cosmic legend is the love story between the Earth and the Sun.
Separated since the moment of creation, the Sun and the Earth have been lovers; after all she was once a part of him. Both born of stardust, their souls are one, and their story reverberates throughout the universe.

Every morning, the Earth sends her birds chirruping, heralding a new day, waking up the Sun from his dreams. The Sun now awakened, caresses his lover, with slight kisses, waking cities and people from their lull slumber. The Sun smiles at her lovingly and she blushes through her flowers blooming in the morning Sunshine.

But the Sun is a moody lover. Often he is seen unleashing his wrath and anger, unable to control his heat, the Earth in response unleashes her rage and wrecks havoc, her people perspire, fatigued, she turns dry, parched

The Sun feels guilty, and beckons the dark clouds which shower the Earth with his love. Asking for forgiveness. The Earth accepts his apology, and her fields turn a lush green, afresh and cleansed, quenched of their thirst, filled with new life. Sometimes, when a simple apology doesn’t suffice, the Sun gifts his muse with a beautiful necklace, adorning her with all the colours of the Rainbow.

When evening comes, it is time for them to part, the Sun moves slowly, the skies reflect the depth of his love with their crimson hues. The Earth too, reflects his love, in her rivers and oceans. He waves her adieu, with a heavy heart, and slowly wanes away. He takes away the warmth, of his love.

The Night covers the sleeping cities and towns of Earth with a blanket of dark, while she awaits her fate. The Earth misses her lover; the howling winds are nothing but her soul wrenching prayers to bring him back. Her only solace is the Moon, a gift from the Sun. A souvenir of their love, the Moon somewhat restores her faith, and she carries on, waiting for another day. Yet sometimes her bosom heaves with anxiety, rising and falling like the Tides.
On nights when the Moon gets lost amidst the dark blanket, her heart gets heavy and her eyes shimmer with tears, the Stars.

These cosmic lovers were cursed with separation. But if one notices carefully, their love is noticeable in the tiniest details. Like the way dust dances in Sunshine, like the way Sunflowers follow the Sun through the sky, like the way birds chirrup and twitter singing songs of their love at dawn, or the way the wolf howls at night, reciting ballads of separation in their dedication.

They are inseparable, and give meaning to each other’s existence. What is the Sun without the Earth, but nothing than a ball of fire, and what is the Earth without the Sun, cold, devoid of life. Their love has stood the stand of time. They are content with just a glimpse of the other, knowing that the distance is crucial for their survival. If the Earth reaches too close to the Sun, he would engulf her, destroying her very existence. Her elixir of life, would become her poison.

However they bent the rules, mischievous lovers, and found clever ways to satisfy their longing to meet. Often, the Earth rises as lofty mountains, reaching out to the skies above and the Sun falls as faded clouds, touching every nook and corner, every ragged edge, every leaf and clover. Adorning his beloved, with dewdrops that dazzle, like diamonds. Or how the ocean, makes these Lovers meet, uniting the Sun with his reflection in his darling’s eyes.

This is a tale, which is carried on generation to generation. A reminder of how love, conquers all obstacles and nurtures life.

Despite their fate,
destined to stay apart,
they meet at the other end of the horizon,
forever carry each other in their heart. . .

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Technological Love

There was once a p-r-o-g-r-a-m called
We both were securely
c-o-n-n-e-c-t-e-d to it.

Technology kept us together
While we were miles apart
Constantly in touch
Whenever required

With the course of
Emoticons replaced Emotions
I could no longer remember how my name
when your lips utter it.
Because the few decibels received through phonelines
Are N-o-T-H-I-N-G
compared to you whispering it in my ear.

Technology kept us together
like Robots
Programmed to type things
humans o-u-g-h-t to feel
may w-a-n-t to feel
w-o-u-l-d have felt
the other human graced them with physical presence
to a few hundred lines of binary

Kept us apart
Two humans
Typing away
Unable to say the things
they are t-r-u-l-y feeling
they r-e-l-a-y-e-d messages
keeping in mind.
timezones,schedules, & workloads

We parted ways.
Went away.
Miles apart.
Still had your i-m-a-g-e
in my heart
What is Love and its delights
Farewells and Goodbyes through sattelites…

But technology
with its games and tricks
and codes and binary
In a few clicks
Made me a distant memory

You never realised when

This heart turned into hardware

The love into a software

The emotions into a virus

A virus that the anti virus



Displaced love
Misplaced love
Replaced love

Turned Love into one,
of the millions of Applications,
Dowloaded in the phone
For instant grattification
+few moments of joy.

There was once a robot
Securely connected to a Server
The server that it aimed to serve for life.

But the Server shut it out.
Blocked the connection.


The program
The rythmic beating
The hardware
The software is
New Versions available Online.

One day.
The Server came back
The robot was no where close
to the lover
he had left
Technolgy should be applied to
was applied to Technology

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Home reminds me off..

I am enroute aboard a train
to visit my home
and the thought of home brings memories

Home reminds me
That Aroma of ma’s cooking
The sound of my little brother’s laughter
The smell of dad’s aftershave

Home reminds of
Muddy pawprints of my dog
Wrinkles on grandma’s hand
Shelves lined with grandpa’s books

Home reminds me of
That Smell of the first monsoons
The winters spent around fireplaces
Summers of carefree play

Home reminds me of
Morning walks and prayers with Nani
Afternoons spent chasing my sisters
Evenings spent with Uncles and Aunts
Nights spent with food and chatter

Home reminds me of
Memories of the past
Joys of the present
and blessings for the future

Home reminds me of
Good days when i made them proud
Sad days when they turned it all around

All the days spent away from home
I float around aimlessly
Without a sense of belonging
Family makes me what I am
home reminds me of
me. . .

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Welcome Home,December!

The last month of the year has begun. Like every year, we begin with pomp and splendour. Parties and get togethers. Resolutions and promises. Aims and Goals.

*And then the year happens.*

Not always according to plan.Ha. Never according to plan.
People die, dreams shatter, and goals remain unfulfilled.Success turns into failure, loved ones hardly call.
Often the year turns out to be really different from what we hoped;Prayed,Wanted.

And then there comes December. and it makes me realise. All the things I could have said; all the people I should have met. All the smiles I could have been the reason for.
And it also makes me realise, the grief I caused. The tears, the pain, the hopelessness, not to others but, mostly to myself.

As December arrives, covered in his blanket of mist, with his pale palour, dead eyes and cold hands. He tries to embrace me, and usually I run away. Hide. Be in denial.Crawl under covers and wait for him to go away.

But not this time.

This time I hug December back. To his utter surprise!
Till his twigs and trees can feel my embrace, till his cold heart and snows, can feel my warmth.

Because now I know… its okay to have unfinished tasks, and broken dreams and grief. And resolutions that are made for the sake of making, never ever being followed.

Because it is fine to give up exercise and cheat with your beloved Nutella. Or to watch re runs of Sherlock right before your exam, just to ease the tension ofcourse! Or to cry because Mofatt has ruied your life..both for bad and good reasons;
because of old and new seasons. It is fine to postpone assignments to read your “current” favourite book.It is okay to be on Tumblr when you should be on Jstor.

It is all fine. Breathe. Relax. They are all signs that you lived, so what if you fell.Once or even Twice or even mutiple times. But you managed to get through the year.

So I sum up courage,and invite December over, for a cup of our favourite tea. We sit and chat. Hours roll by. Remembering all those other Decembers that we have been together..and the ones we may now have. And we Thank God for all he has given us and taken from us. Making us what we are.And for all his Love,care and blessings.

And as December rises to leave, he looks different. He has some colour in his cheeks, and tears in his eyes.His hands are warmer as he bids me adieu.

December feels proud of the girl he sees. Because this December has seen this little girl from truly believing in Santa, making elaborate plans on visiting Santa, sabotaging his plans,rigging his sleigh, or bribing Rudolf. And when she knew the truth, she continued spreading the magic by turning into Santa for little children,sparking their imagination, filling their hearts with hope.

December has seen her miss her Grandma every New Years Eve..hoping to see her face just once. Has seen her tirelessly study for exams, or painfully get over  ruthless heartbreaks. December has seen her care for loved ones as much as she can. Because the cold is here to bite.

December has seen her grow, evolve, change, mature.
December has seen her walk, when she would prefer to crawl,seen her stumble, seen her fall.
He has seen her sneak out,late at night,to count the stars, December has seen stars in her eyes when she cried.

Because, she decided this time, after 20 years,to be with December. But Decembers have always always been with her.

(To the person who read till the end, may Decembers be kind to you, Happy December!)

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Drops Of Dew


Every heartbreak; Every tear
Every scar; Every fear
Adorn them like a Military personell’s medals.
Proof that you lived, survived.
conquered at last, and thrived.
In life…they are your weapons.

There are 7 billion people;
Experienced are just a few.
There are trillions of leaves;
Not all with drops of dew.

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