Home reminds me off..

I am enroute aboard a train
to visit my home
and the thought of home brings memories

Home reminds me
That Aroma of ma’s cooking
The sound of my little brother’s laughter
The smell of dad’s aftershave

Home reminds of
Muddy pawprints of my dog
Wrinkles on grandma’s hand
Shelves lined with grandpa’s books

Home reminds me of
That Smell of the first monsoons
The winters spent around fireplaces
Summers of carefree play

Home reminds me of
Morning walks and prayers with Nani
Afternoons spent chasing my sisters
Evenings spent with Uncles and Aunts
Nights spent with food and chatter

Home reminds me of
Memories of the past
Joys of the present
and blessings for the future

Home reminds me of
Good days when i made them proud
Sad days when they turned it all around

All the days spent away from home
I float around aimlessly
Without a sense of belonging
Family makes me what I am
home reminds me of
me. . .

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