Soul-ar Connection

Love affairs are always the talk of the town. Love creates stories, songs,  heroes, villains and legends.
One such Cosmic legend is the love story between the Earth and the Sun.
Separated since the moment of creation, the Sun and the Earth have been lovers; after all she was once a part of him. Both born of stardust, their souls are one, and their story reverberates throughout the universe.

Every morning, the Earth sends her birds chirruping, heralding a new day, waking up the Sun from his dreams. The Sun now awakened, caresses his lover, with slight kisses, waking cities and people from their lull slumber. The Sun smiles at her lovingly and she blushes through her flowers blooming in the morning Sunshine.

But the Sun is a moody lover. Often he is seen unleashing his wrath and anger, unable to control his heat, the Earth in response unleashes her rage and wrecks havoc, her people perspire, fatigued, she turns dry, parched

The Sun feels guilty, and beckons the dark clouds which shower the Earth with his love. Asking for forgiveness. The Earth accepts his apology, and her fields turn a lush green, afresh and cleansed, quenched of their thirst, filled with new life. Sometimes, when a simple apology doesn’t suffice, the Sun gifts his muse with a beautiful necklace, adorning her with all the colours of the Rainbow.

When evening comes, it is time for them to part, the Sun moves slowly, the skies reflect the depth of his love with their crimson hues. The Earth too, reflects his love, in her rivers and oceans. He waves her adieu, with a heavy heart, and slowly wanes away. He takes away the warmth, of his love.

The Night covers the sleeping cities and towns of Earth with a blanket of dark, while she awaits her fate. The Earth misses her lover; the howling winds are nothing but her soul wrenching prayers to bring him back. Her only solace is the Moon, a gift from the Sun. A souvenir of their love, the Moon somewhat restores her faith, and she carries on, waiting for another day. Yet sometimes her bosom heaves with anxiety, rising and falling like the Tides.
On nights when the Moon gets lost amidst the dark blanket, her heart gets heavy and her eyes shimmer with tears, the Stars.

These cosmic lovers were cursed with separation. But if one notices carefully, their love is noticeable in the tiniest details. Like the way dust dances in Sunshine, like the way Sunflowers follow the Sun through the sky, like the way birds chirrup and twitter singing songs of their love at dawn, or the way the wolf howls at night, reciting ballads of separation in their dedication.

They are inseparable, and give meaning to each other’s existence. What is the Sun without the Earth, but nothing than a ball of fire, and what is the Earth without the Sun, cold, devoid of life. Their love has stood the stand of time. They are content with just a glimpse of the other, knowing that the distance is crucial for their survival. If the Earth reaches too close to the Sun, he would engulf her, destroying her very existence. Her elixir of life, would become her poison.

However they bent the rules, mischievous lovers, and found clever ways to satisfy their longing to meet. Often, the Earth rises as lofty mountains, reaching out to the skies above and the Sun falls as faded clouds, touching every nook and corner, every ragged edge, every leaf and clover. Adorning his beloved, with dewdrops that dazzle, like diamonds. Or how the ocean, makes these Lovers meet, uniting the Sun with his reflection in his darling’s eyes.

This is a tale, which is carried on generation to generation. A reminder of how love, conquers all obstacles and nurtures life.

Despite their fate,
destined to stay apart,
they meet at the other end of the horizon,
forever carry each other in their heart. . .

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