Month: January 2015

La Lune

I gaze from my window
And I find a familiar face
You smile down upon me
You shower your grace

I wait for you patiently
Wish you were here soon
With every passing night
I fall in love with the Moon

-with love Fictionatrix


Ocean love!


All my life
I wished for more
adventures journeys experiences
but couldnt leave the shore

The shore is my home now
The storms give me peace
Dont know why & dont know how
But it puts me at ease

The sand pinches me
As I try to walk
Isn’t it better to feel pain
Than nothing at all ?

As I stare into the abyss
For Days and Nights
I am reminded of what I miss
As my Life passes by

Just like the moon pulls the tide
And the tide pulls the sand
I go along
I hold their hand

As every tide and every wave
Slowly shapes the shore line
So has every heart ache
Shaped what is mine

I longed for experiences
From far apart
But never realised what truly matters
Where was your heart?

All I needed,was some
Ocean Lov’n
Still at the shore
But finally Liv’n

Letting you go

As the Sun goes down beyond that hill,
I remember you and I always will.
The days gone by may not return
The wounds dont heal they always burn
The cause is lost the battle never won
I did all that I could have done
And yet there is this aching inside
I cannot any longer try to hide
The wound is yours the pain is mine
I think I need to cross that line
This life has been a tough call
Its made me fight and made me fall
The time spent with you was tough yet great
I guess you were worth the wait
But love doesn’t always last very long
I dont know if I am right or wrong
This time I’ll just go with the flow
I love you still But m letting you go

Love Song

My life was a
you would be my
after every stanza
no matter how long…
I could get back to
if life pans out
to be the way I want it
I would begin
and end my song with you…