Ocean love!


All my life
I wished for more
adventures journeys experiences
but couldnt leave the shore

The shore is my home now
The storms give me peace
Dont know why & dont know how
But it puts me at ease

The sand pinches me
As I try to walk
Isn’t it better to feel pain
Than nothing at all ?

As I stare into the abyss
For Days and Nights
I am reminded of what I miss
As my Life passes by

Just like the moon pulls the tide
And the tide pulls the sand
I go along
I hold their hand

As every tide and every wave
Slowly shapes the shore line
So has every heart ache
Shaped what is mine

I longed for experiences
From far apart
But never realised what truly matters
Where was your heart?

All I needed,was some
Ocean Lov’n
Still at the shore
But finally Liv’n


2 thoughts on “Ocean love!

  1. What an inspirational, thought-provoking piece about life and its purpose. Great use of nature’s elements as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it very much. As always, looking forward to your writing. It would be amazing if you could check out my latest poem and leave a comment as well? Thank you very much and happy writing! (-:


    1. Well Thankyou so much. I look forward to creative assesments and comments. That is my main purpose of posting here. I’d look forward to hearing from you and I’d love to check your writing as well. Happy writing! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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