I can hear
The silence here
It echoes like a scream
I wonder ‘Is this real?’
I hope this is a dream.

I can hear it ringing
It has an effect,
that lingers
Like the tune
In a pianist’s fingers

It wraps me up
in its cold embrace
I float above the ground
I wonder how
I can hear the silence
When there is no sound.

This world
All around me
Seems like a blur
The silence
It is haunting
It makes my heart stir

I wonder
What message
The Silence wants to convey
I try to avoid it
But it is always in my way

The Silence
Reaches out to me
Like a wolf to the moon
It pulls me closer
Enchants me with its Tune

These Silences
They speak to me
But there seems to be no noise
I wish I could unhear them
But I don’t have a choice.

I wish
I could run away
Put my mind to rest
But these Silences always follow
They seem to be on a quest

They wish to engulf me
I am their target prey
I wish they disappear
But the silences
are here to stay…

I can hear
The silence here
I wish this is a dream…
I protest and make noise
But no one hears me scream…

– Fictionatrix


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