The world’s an illusion. . .
(This is a metaphor)
The world’s a metaphor. . .
(This is an illusion)

I create and destroy
My mind is a Paradox. . .

Am I alone…because I am lonely
Am I lonely…because I am alone

If all that matters, is in your head.. Then why everything outside my mind. . .
Matters most?

Do I not get love..because I push people away?
Do I push people away..because I don’t get love?

One can never truly understand the value of something…untill they have lost it.
What is the point to cherish something, one can therafter never possess?

And is possessing things the way to love them?
To keep them from going away..
to keep them yours forever?
And if that is true..
do my demons, and my memories  possess me and keep me captive because they actually love me?

And what is it love someone..with all their flaws and beauty..
When none of us can truly accept our own flaws or see our own beauty..

And if beauty lies, in the eyes of the beholder . . .
Do blind people see beauty?
Am I blind to see none at all?

And what if whatever we not true ..if reality is just a projection of the mind…
every image’s a reflection..

Then what you see in me is entirely different from what I see in me..
Do you even see the real me?
Do I even see the real me?
Does the real me even exist?

Then are you and I
Just a mere fragment of each other’s imagination…

So am I for myself
An illusion..A metaphor..

– Fictionatrix


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