It is often said,
And I believe so its true
You can never fall
for the one who has fallen for you

For Cupid is notorious
He will play such a game
Love is so mysterious
You will not be the same

Love comes to you
When you least expect it
Out of the blue
Untill then you hadn’t missed it

Love has its ways
Disguises and charms
your heart sways
and you fall into her arms

For Love will
Knock you out
Strike you down
Air escaping your Lungs

For Love will
Change the world
Heal the Scars
Long lasting memories

Love arrives
With no warning
Without permission
Forces admission

Drives Crazy
Makes you Sing
Act Silly

Love can give
beautiful days
sleepless nights
honey dew kisses

Love lasts

If Love stays
Happy Endings
Lifelong Companionship
Dreams come true

When love leaves
Lost memories
Broken hearts
Unfilled Vaccuum

For Love
has its mysterious ways..
If you work hard enough
It just might stay…

For Love Could be
Your Sun and Stars
Or Love could be
The reason for those scars

– Fictionatrix


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