What is Life ?

What is life? This question always intrigues me. However I can seldom find a definition that fits. So I asked my mother. She keeps the book down, removes her glassess, leans back into the armchair. “You and your questions never cease to amuse me.” She laughs and says,

“Life is that four letter word, which has no meaning for some, or is the most precious for one.

Life is that silence that chokes you when you need your voice the most.

Life is water that drowns you and also that shoreline that drives you
to swim harder.

Life is the love in your heart for the beloved in someone else’s arms.

Life is people holding on  desperately..if only a few more seconds to live.. Life is also people letting go…a few more seconds till death.

Life is the pain that causes pleasure and the pleasure that leads to pain.

Life is the lesson you learn after the exam is done. Life is your companion when you have no one.
Life is what you make it to be. The way you see the world around. Life is also responsible the way you see the world around.

Your life will truly begin the day you decide and not the day you were born.
Life is you, asking me little questions.. in your head, since I am long gone.”

– Fictionatrix


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