The child wants to be


I remember how I was.
Spent my days.
Catching Sun beams,
Chasing Butterflies.

I see what I have become.
Spending my days.
Catching Opportunities,
Chasing Deadlines.

I can see what I will become.
Spending my time.
Looking for Tenders,
Chasing Clients.

My heart wonders…
Should I chase such miniscule materialistic goals.
When there are gremlins and goblins to chase,
Loch ness monsters and angels to find. . .
My heart asks my mind.

And the Mind has no answer
Because he too
Wishes the same.
Instead however,
these two work to chase deadlines and goals
And wish to chase sunbeams and butterflies

This tussle plagues me.
And I often can’t decide.
The child wants to be. . .
Where the adult resides.

– Fictionatrix


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