Do you remember ?

Do you remember ?
How we spent hours naming stars we couldn’t fit into constellations.

Do you remember  ?
The smell of that perfume.
You wore the night we had our first kiss.

Do you remember ?
The way our bodies
Fit just perfectly.
Like pieces from a jig-zaw puzzle.

Do you remember  ?
How I traced every line on your palm.
You were my map to explore.
My treasure to Discover.
My Destinty to destroy…me

Because I remember now
And I see it clearly.
How the stars disillusioned my vision.
That it was her perfume you wore.
That I never really had the treasure.
You were always a puzzle to me.

Do you remember ?
That the first time I said I loved you.
It took you 5 seconds I remember,
a quick flutter of your eyelids and a deep sigh,
to say that you loved me too.

– Fictionatrix


6 thoughts on “Do you remember ?

    1. Thankyou! I think a trust worthy response lies somewhere in between the automatic, practiced, computerised reply & a prolonged, deliberately chosen,calculated one.
      But then again, one can’t really trust anything!

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