Heart v/s Mind


the heart swooned after it saw you
the mind however didnt agree to

the mind wanted to ask
the heart didnt see beyond your mask

the heart beat just for you
the mind started seeing it too

the heart sang songs of joy
the mind was suspicious of the boy

the heart said ignorance is bliss
the mind dissolved after the kiss

the heart loved with every ounce of life
the mind didnt see the knife

the heart wanted just to be yours
the mind was captured in your claws

the heart was torn and broken
the mind left with memories as a token

the heart was covered in scars
the mind surrendered to your powers

the heart cried, wept in pain.
the mind didnt wish to see you again.Ā 

the heart wounded, situation dire
the mind burning with a revengeful fire

the heart lost its innocence its charm
the mind wanted to cause so much harm

the heart became the motivation
the mind did the execution

the heart and mind were finally one
they both agreed the deed had to be done.

the heart was pleased, for the mind had served.
You finally received what you deserved.

– Fictionatrix


22 thoughts on “Heart v/s Mind

    1. There can never be a right and wrong when it comes to the heart and mind. It depends upon the situation. However, if something engages both of them, they become a formidable force! Thankyou, Glad you enjoyed it! šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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