(This poem is dedicated to and inspired from, my wonderful best friend and the friendship we shared. He died of cancer last year. It was luck that I was suicidal and depressed, yet was blessed (or cursed) to live, while a lively, happy and passionate individual had to die. May his soul rest in peace. I wish I can be inspired to live and love as he did. And if you are reading this buddy, I remember!)

We became friends,
in the most unlikely circumstance,
you were suffering,
I prayed you get a second chance.

Although I was well,
inside I wished to die.
Although you were dying,
You told a convincing lie.

You gave me peace,
My lonely heart was in pain.
You gave me strength,
helped me stand up again.

Your friendship was instrumental,
your companionship dear,
eventhough you were dying,
you helped me overcome my fear.

Your presence in my life,
was like sunshine after heavy rains
for you gave me happiness,
you gave me warmth.

As I heard the news,
from the other side of the phone,
the sunshine dimmed,
which once had brightly shone.

The moment I saw
your lifeless body, so cold.
I wished I could give you all the warmth
That your heart had sold.

The warmth left me too.
My heart turned to stone.
It used to beat, it was alive,
In the days when the sunshine had shone.

– Fictionatrix


31 thoughts on “Warmth

      1. Well, that is a great way of looking at it. It seems reassuring as though God was out there for me. However, my friend didnt really know that it was his last time, he had almost completely recovered. But the cancer striked again and he wasn’t strong enough.

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