A Thin Line


I am the night
I want to embrace you
Till my luminisence reaches your aching bones.

I am the Storm
I want to devour you
Till you are reduced to nothing but aching bones.

I am the Rain
I want to cleanse you
Till I wash away all those pains.

I am the Fire
I want to burn you
Till nothing but all the pain remains.

I am the Sun
I want to nurture you
Till you blossom and you glow.

I am the Fear
I want to breed in you
Till you succumb and loose your glow.

I am the Light
I want to enlighten you
Till the world can see your self.

I am the Dark
I want to diminish you
Till even you can’t see yourself.

I am the Love
I want to kiss you
Till nothing of you is left. . .

I am the Hate
I want to destroy you
Till nothing of you is left. . .

Whatever I am
You have to be mine
After all
Its a thin line. . .

– Fictionatrix


14 thoughts on “A Thin Line

  1. Mesmerizing!! Hey Fictionatrix, I assume you pen most of your poetries whilst sipping coffee. On my blog, I am doing a series of short stories, called Coffee Tales, where I’m exploring different relationships people have with coffee and memories associated with it. I’m already done with the first two. I wanted to ask if you’d be interested in penning down yours as a story (I’ll publish it as a Guest Post), or may be catch up sometime you’re free, so that I can understand your relationship with coffee. Does that sound fun to you?!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your idea! Yes I can say with pride that I share an amazing relationship with coffee. I’d love to write down something for you. Can you give me some time, I am a bit busy these days with examinations. It sounds like great fun! I would look forward to working with you. Amazing concept! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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