I wear masks
Change my colours

I hide my true self
Make up excuses
Pretend to be
The way people wish to see

For days
and weeks
and months

I have sucked it up
Manned up
Taken everything in my stride

In the day time
I am a warior
A Chameleon

But the nights are my Kryptonite

So for days
and weeks
and months

I have tried to ignore
The dark blanket
That envelopes me

I keep all the lights switched on
Pretend it is day
Keeping the nights at bay

It may seem as Paranoia
But I welcome Insomnia
To carry me away

I want to go to sleep
I don’t go to sleep
Can’t go to sleep

For the night’s here to stay

But tonight
After many nights
I embraced it


For I was tired
Could no longer fight
and pretend it was all okay

I let my demons roam free
I let the moonlight soak into my skin
and felt my week bones sinking


I switched off the lights
My deepest nightmares
Came to life

after days
and weeks
and months
I bared it all

To no one

And I surrendered
Lost all my might
For the night
Is my Kryptonite

– Fictionatrix


14 thoughts on “Kryptonite

      1. My bad, for I mistook
        (Y) was bit of a fluke
        My actions I tried to rebuke
        A pauper trying to be a duke

        But I am glad you know better
        I won’t put my money as a bettor
        For you have been around as a trendsetter
        And I am trying hard to make most of each letter

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha, I shall try to respond accordingly.

        You have a gift for rhyming!
        I’d say you have excellent timing.
        I won’t call myself a trend setter
        But writing does make me feel better.

        Liked by 1 person

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