Absence-Spoken word

(This is a concept I got in mind while changing trains at a metro station. It is unpolished, and I wish it was a bit longer. I wrote it in a hurry, but spoken word poetry intrigues and I wish to improve upon it, and learn to write better in this genre. Hence I am posting it. Does it make sense? Creative criticism and tips are always welcome)

I am
Away from your life
Away from your world

Yet However
In the middle of the night
You imagine my body pressed tightly against yours.
It is my voice that you seek in the crowd.
It is my face you wish to see in the mornings.
It is my favourite song that plays on the radio.
It is only my specific ratio of coffee to milk that wakes you up.
It is my absence that wakes you up.

I may have left
But my Perfume lingers.
My memories haunt.
Wherever you go.

Reminding you of your sins.

Ravaged my heart
Ignored my Love
Tested my Patience
Mocked my Loyalty
Broke my Soul

Your continous consistent absence finaly broke the chains that bound me.
My sudden absence will bind you in chains you didnt know existed.

My love for you,
was self harm in disguise.
My absence will ravage your life.

– Fictionatrix


15 thoughts on “Absence-Spoken word

      1. You’ll call me ancient or really weird for knowing such an old song, “kabhi tanhaaiyon mein yun humaari yaad aayegi,
        Andhere chhaa rahe honge, ki bijli kaundh jayegi
        Yeh bijli raakh kar jayegi terey pyar ki duniya
        Na tu phir ji sakega aur na tujhko maut aayegi.”
        Google it at your own risk, it’s pre-Independence era Bollywood. 🙂

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