(I was getting bored while waiting for a bus when I challenged myself to write this as a fun time pass-  3 words, 3 lines, 3X3 paragraphs,
I hope it makes some sense πŸ˜›
If you try writing something similar, send me a link!)


I put pieces
Of my soul
In every thing

In my wordsΒ 
In My art
People I loved

To know me
You need to
Find the pieces

They are Scattered
Unique with different
Curves and Edges

Some are broken
Some are new
Some missing too

Piece them together
One by one
You will see

The image infront
Is not really
a complete picture

The jig-zaw Puzzle
Will not show
What I am

But will show
What I have
Finally managed Becoming

– Fictionatrix


36 thoughts on “Pu-zz-le

      1. I am an amateur writer myself. Been here for a short while. However, Here are a few points which I think may help you.
        1.You can use the daily prompts as an incentive if you want to be inspired to write and cannot find inspiration or food for thought.
        2. Use multiple media- You can use images or even videos, it makes the post stand out and look attractive.
        3. Catchy titles bring more readers.
        4. Try to keep the flow consistent, and dont write very long pieces, unless necessary.
        5. You can take part in challenges posted by other writers- this will bring out your creativity and help you socialise as well, perhaps make new friends.
        6. Tag your posts appropriatly, so that readers can find it.
        7. Basically be honest. Write from your heart and let your imagination loose. You will be amazed with what all you are capable of.
        8. Read other people’s works in the genres you want to improve in.
        9. Make your writing interactive and appealing. The reader should be able to connect with and relate to what you are trying to say.
        10. You can write a short paragraph introducing your concept, or what drove you to write it. The more personal and human the post feels the more it is relateable.
        11. Have fun, the aim of blogging is to foremost enjoy the process of writing and then being able to share it with the world.

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      1. I know right?
        It kinda sounds like…Bellatrix!:P
        But you aren’t that evil,are you?;)
        Even though,I must tell you,I kinda liked Bellatrix.Dunno why. :/
        I am sure all the hardcore fans would see this as betrayal. Lol

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      2. My name is inspired by Bellatrix! The blog was supposed to have Bellatrix spin offs and also Dominatrix from Bbc Sherlock ( I am in love with both of these women and the things they did for power) and I love Fiction.
        Hence the name ;P

        If people can love Snivelous Slimy Snape then they can deal with Bella love as well. πŸ˜€

        As for evil, well I tend to side with the evil than the angels.

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      3. I knew it.I KNEW IT!!!
        You know,the moment I read the name of your site,I had a feeling it was inspired by Bellatrix.Then the other day you mentioned the HP series.I felt that again. But I guess,it just slipped my mind or I would have asked.:D
        And yes.There’s just something about her,isn’t there?The negative characters are kinda fascinating. They show a more real approach to stuff. :/
        And yes!I am all for evil too,most of the times.Angels are over-rated.:P
        Evil is…interesting.:P

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      4. Hahaha… I cannot hide the fact that I am a die hard potter fan. Had depression not grilled my mind and gripped my soul this blog was to be dedicated to the potter world.Maybe one day I will have a potter blog. I need to satisfy the urge to write spin off and head cannons.

        I agree, especially in the kind of world that we live in, we hardly get to meet any angels. but devils are all around. Hence I guess it makes it more relateable.
        “Brainy is the new sexy and Evil is damn interesting.”
        (That can be a tagline of some sci fi dark humour show) πŸ˜›

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      5. Oh.I hope you do.I would so read it.:P
        I wasn’t a Potter fan before 11th standard.I was kinda forced to read the series,actually.I have never liked Daniel…and so I didn’t like HP. WEIRD, I KNOW.:P
        So,this friend of mine forced me to read it.And I was hooked.It’s damn awesome!:D
        And yes.Maybe the abundance of evil is what is interesting.And relatable.:P
        And the tagline! It could be the tagline of your first novel.:P
        (I hope you write one,someday.):)

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      6. I would applaud your friend’s efforts for getting us a new initiate.:P
        Haha, I hope to write so many books that I can write a book about the books I wish I would one day write!
        My love for writing, need rather is immense. Needs to be satisfied one way or another. Hence this blog happened after years of speculation and self doubt. Inshahallah A book or two would happen too! πŸ™‚

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      7. Thats great! πŸ˜€
        I can’t tell my parents as they aren’t aware of my depression, and the blog has a lot of spilled secrets and gloomy stuff.
        This shall remain our secret. :p


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