Self Portrait – Caged

My heart is a savage beast.
So my Lord caged it.

In Bones & Pains & Tears

My spirit could learn to fly one day ? Perhaps overcome, her sinking bones.
Will she overcome her fears?
Will she remain,
Caged all her life ?  

Micromax Canvas a1

– Fictionatrix


32 thoughts on “Self Portrait – Caged

    1. This is where I guess, faith comes in.
      To leap without knowing and having faith that one will be alright and that everything will make sense later.
      I dont have such faith though, hence the dilemma plagues me.

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    1. I use the word ‘Lord’ to talk of the divine power responsible for creating me- I understans that the form of that power/ or the God I worship Is different from yours. It can be interpreted as Nature as well. Whoever one thinks has led to our creation.

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      1. Hindu Gods and Godesses tend to be associated with specific meanings. However personally, for me she is just an embodiment of the divine power. I think of her as I think of my own mother.
        According to the scriptures however Her incarnation took place to wipe evil of the face of Earth. Compared to the pictoral depictions of other dieties, Kali is bold, fierce and unconventional. I have had a very secular spiritual upbringing so forms don’t matter. (India is a multi religious multi ethnic country) The essence, spirit and faith of people is the same.

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      2. I am inspired by her. I am not couragous or bold enough. And I seldom stand up for myself. She gives me strength and helps me fight my apprehensions. My depression has been the biggest test of my faith, I have been managing all by myself for almost 10years, all thanks to her.(My family has no idea)
        I don’t think I am capable enough of reflecting her as she is abundant and infinite. All I can reflect is perhaps the unconditional love I have felt in my life.

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      3. I have studied in a convent school, so Christianity has been a major part of my life as well. I am not aware of the specific tenets but I admire the social service aspect of it.

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      4. Some aspects yes. It is not possible to live in religious isolation in this country. As a nation we celebrate all festivals be it Christmas or Eid. (These are my personal thoughts) The whole concept of Christ dying for our sins so that mankind can get salvation and be a part of heaven, gives strength to one that despite their flaws and shortcomings they will be forgiven by his grace. I am not very knowledgeable about specifics as I said, but I take keen interest in learning about all religions. I personally believe that there is a supreme power and that we all worship different forms of it. In the end every person, every soul desires peace and salvation. 🙂

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      5. Exactly. Despite our means and methods being different due to the social historical contexts in which each religion developed, the basic tenets and desired end are almost the same. I dont understand why people tend to argue over such matters. One needs to keep an open mind. 🙂

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      6. I think the desired end of heaven and to be in the presence of God is mostly shared, but how to get there is the differing point. Many religions call for prayer, others for money, some for labour in spiritual work, or a mixture of these. I don’t know of another that has faith alone in the willing sacrificial death of the Son of God as it’s only way to God the Father.
        An open mind is always best! 🙂

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      7. I agree. The methods differ due to their epistemological and mythological base which is intrinsicly related to the geo-political scenario in which these religions developed and with what purpose.
        In the globalising world of today I see it imperative to have an open mind, as that enables us to look beyond our differences and come together. 🙂

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      8. A religion certainly develops depending on what purpose its heads decide it should work towards.
        From a Christian point of view it is better to look at everyone and see their spiritual standing rather than their worldly standing. Then life is put into proper perspective 🙂

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      9. Not like me! :O
        If everyone thought like me it would still be a terrible place due to my natural sin. Only God is perfect, and I thank him that I will see a better world after this one.


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