Laburnum – Little Poem #4


Days were made of Laburnum drops,
Nights were made of Twinkling stars.

Our hearts began to beat as one.
I sometimes happened to forget my scars. . .


– Fictionatrix


13 thoughts on “Laburnum – Little Poem #4

      1. Oh, I just wanted to say that the tree you photographed is the Amaltas. The Laburnum is similar but a different specie. 🙂
        See? I can’t stop doing that! One of the reasons people tire of me! 😀

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      2. They are from different species agreed but the Amaltas is also known as the Indian Laburnum! A new fact for you!
        I do the same, at times, but only for subjects I have a forte for. 🙂

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      3. Haven’t heard that but I’ll grant it because they have similar common names in English (golden shower/chain). Whenever I hear the word Laburnum, i’m reminded of the poem “I remember, I remember”. Do read it if you get the chance, it’s a lovely nostalgic piece. 🙂

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