Always part of them

Whenever crisis strikes
and nothing seems to be right
I will disappear in my cuccoon
I will escape to write

I dont write for recognition
I dont write to be read
I write to make sense
Of the chaos in my head


Like a weaver I weave
Every word and every letter
Tears and blood as ink
Untill I feel a little better

So if I let you read
let you see what lies inside
Be patient and be careful
It is always easier to hide

If over my shoulder
Sometimes I let you peek
My words, once my own
Are now your secrets to keep

For you need to see
What I was trying to show
You were always a part of my words
And will be
Even after you go

This is my way of loving
Whatever I write is true
If I let you read them
Its because you are…you

– Fictionatrix


31 thoughts on “Always part of them

      1. I have been suffering from post concussion syndrome that has torn me away from everything that I normally do. During this recovery I have found the only thing I can do that doesn’t make me feel worse is right. This time of writing has opened so many new doors inside my mind and has become a real outlet for my pain. It’s also becoming an outlet for me to reach out to other people and feel connected so thank you for this post.

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      2. I think is universal our desire to connect. As writers we live inside our minds but our readers allow our words to be received. It’s a beautiful thing. Stephen King described it as a form of telepathy.

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      3. I agree, it feels like some kind of magic, when someone miles away in a different social setting and age group can not only relate with what I write, but can also pick up where I left, or give advice. Writing is the kind of exercise which enables us to bond beyond our boundaries šŸ™‚


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