Photography 101 #1 Home

(I have my exams hence I am posting this 3 days late, but here we go)

They say “Home is where the heart is.”
I am not quite sure where my heart is. All my life we have been travelling, moving from one place to another. In the short span of 20 years I have lived in about 8 cities, and more than a dozen houses.
A house can be a tin shed or a sprawling mansion. It is the warmth which makes it a ‘Home’.

I have always been a family oriented person. I am blessed to have a supportive family. For reasons of privacy I cannot share a picture of my home as it is now. However I took a picture which resonates my feelings.


This is what my home ( my hostel room) seems to me. As it is apparent from the picture, it is a bit dark and gloomy for the warmth of family is missing. But this is where my body resides while my heart is elsewhere. 

Home for us therefore was always in transit. We lived our lives in boxes. From packing to un packing, adjusting and uprooting. What was constant in all these years was the effort my parents took in trying to maintain consistency. My home is my family.

What does “Home” mean to you?
Is it something different from house?

– Fictionatrix


20 thoughts on “Photography 101 #1 Home

      1. They may not lose ownership, but wouldn’t they also forget that they owned a house in the first place?
        How does one know that one isn’t homeless if they don’t remember having a home?
        ( I know it is quite a silly line of thought but it somehow intrigues me)

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