Voice within


In the silence of the night,
When no one is around.
I try to look inside me,
But I do not hear a sound.

I listen attentively,
Nothing but silence within.
I wish to know the darkness,
The monster they say lies therein.

They say all answers lie,
Somewhere deep within our mind.
Am I asking all the wrong questions?
Perpetually stuck on rewind.

In the chatter of grasshoppers,
I search for solace.
Trying desperately to find reasons,
In what seems like an empty space.

There is a burden inside me,
That I cannot seem to find.
It weighs me down, It makes me drown,
Makes sounds of no kind.

I need to hear something, anything,
It been such a long time.
I dont even remember my own voice,
As I try to read each line.

– Fictionatrix


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