Smile- Late Night Thoughts


Smile for that is all what you can do. Smile for what has happened, both the good and the bad.

Smile for what is yet to come. Both the good and the bad.

Smile at the face of triumph. Or at the feet of defeat.

Smile and welcome life as it comes to you, whether as a burst of sunshine or as torrential rainfall.

Smile for every thing and anything. Smile for the joys and for the tears. Smile for the pains and the fears. Smile when you win and even when you lose.

Smile for life is worth smiling. And it will be so only when to take the first step and smile.

For there will be days and times when the last thing you can do is smile.
When it seems that the world is bringing you down.
Orq maybe a part of you is bringing yourself down.
The first thing you should do, can do, is smile.
Smile and move on.

For when you smile,
You light little embers of hope in your heart.
And if you ever get lost,
those little embers will always be enough to guide you home. . .


– Fictionatrix


8 thoughts on “Smile- Late Night Thoughts

  1. A smile is very powerful indeed. For a different point of view, I feel the need to be open and Honest about my feelings. Too long spent smiling and covering up how I felt, to others, to myself. I need to acknowledge all that I feel and come to an understanding, before I can move on to smiling more often again.

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