I have been writing since I knew how to hold a thought in my mind.

I have been taking images since I could comprehend the concept of what an image is.

For the past 20 years the two have enraptured my mind.

Every where I look, moments freeze into frames.
Every where I am, moments transform into verse.

The ability to freeze a moment in time, as an image or as a verse, is pure sorcery!
As humans we have the great ability to freeze time. And to relive it with such vivid detail whenever we feel the need to.

Little details like the draping of a shawl, the smoke rising from a chulha, the Petrichor after rains, the sloppy nose of a dog, or the wrinkles on grandma’s hand. every detail gets preserved to be viewed at leisure.

Because of my worrisome childhood, and self esteem issues, I have always lived with my head bowed down. Giving me the ample opportunity to focus on tiny details which people often tend to miss. The frames I take and the words I use are thus often ones which were hidden in plain sight for others to see, but they never cared to notice.

I always wanted to be a photographer. All my life I felt this was the one profession where I could truly be myself. But life had other plans. And my aim to become one has taken a back seat for now.

A lot people have been telling me that the pictures I take are beautiful. And that I should share them with the world. But my self esteem has held me back. I fear that when others see what I see they may disapprove of it. The same way as they have always disapproved of me. In the process of fixing my ultra cynical mind sets I have decided to put myself out there!

What is worse that could happen? I could just delete the page. I had the same views about this blog in the beginning, where for months all posts were drafts. But this has been the best thing that has happened to me in the past one year. And for that I am grateful to you my dear readers!

Here is the page- My Facebook Photography Page


Therefore, to push myself further, and get some audience,I have set up this facebook page- as my humble effort to combine the two worlds. For every picture has a story!

So does every photographer!

I would love it if you could stop by!
Go hit like and connect! 😀



8 thoughts on “PIC-Tales

      1. I agree. For the past month or so I haven’t really achieved much. Life was going as it usually does, but there was no self improvement. And with the mind set I have, I need to constantly make efforts. It was time to do something different! Lets see how this works out! 🙂

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  1. It’s awesome how you combined those two things. You have a talent! it shouldn’t be hidden away. Share it, show it. There will always be haters. But there will always be people who will love your work. Just do it and don’t be afraid of the failure 🙂

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