Words are Ghosts


Ispired by this insightful post from my dear friend’s blog-

Words are Ghosts

Words are Ghosts..
They disappear.
Somewhere in the breeze.
Some words are difficult.
Some come with ease.

Words are Ghosts.
They haunt and they taunt.
Often at nights and in days.
They remain etched within,
The ones who hear,
And the one who says.

Even when men are gone.
It is their words that stay.

Words are Ghosts.
For they leave no marks,
To be seen.
But they remain lingering forever.
Even if they are kind,
Often when they are mean.

Words are Ghosts.
They don’t need to be written
They don’t need to be said.
They can conquer, cause pain,
Even if they remain,
In one’s head.

So be careful,
For words are ghosts.
Not all words are written.
They may be forgotten.
But they won’t be forgiven.

Words are Ghosts.
They always follow,
They hang in the air
Creeping in from the subconscious.
They remind you;
They Stare.

For even when you are gone;
Even if you are gone,
Your words,
Are always there…

– Fictionatrix


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