Month: September 2015

Consolation-Little Poem #18


My only consolation,
In this world of despair.

When there is no one I can find,

Is, that even in constant isolation.
My shadow follows behind.

– Fictionatrix


Is it there? It is there!


Is anybody ever listening?
Is anybody even there?
When my flickering heart gives out.
Would anybody care?

Is anybody watching?
It follows on a pale mare.
I am trying to hide, to run
But I know not where.

Does anybody know?
The things that stare.
At me, are inside my head,
I am the monster, I am the lair.

The days and nights are blurred.
Life seems like an unending stair.
Scream! Let the whole world know.
Ha! They know that I would not dare.

There is darkness all around.
I am the scarer, I am the scared.
It will absorb and engulf me
Till nobody knows,
It was there, I was there.

– Fictionatrix

A must read!

  When I was six years old, I gave my first blowjob. –

Often we get too absorbed in our own world and our own problems to notice the world around us. Modernity has made us all live in our little hedonistic bubbles. I am not saying that our issues do not matter they do. But there also exist bigger devils which need to be dealt with.

Sexism and Patriarchy are realities that women have to deal with on a regular basis. Someone who is abused from such a young age, internalises the abuse, tends to think they deserve to be treated this way, and eventually give up fighting. Their silences are not voluntary.

Women’s abuse is often disregarded as being too “exaggerated for effect”. No one would add such gory details. No woman asks for it, no woman deserves it and certainly no woman enjoys it.

Hats off to the brave soul who anonymously shared her experiences. May her wounds heal and she may gain strength.

Having gone through abuse myself, my heart goes out to her, and all the others out there, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation, (every one gets abused I recognise that, however women get abused the most thanks to our misogynistic system)
who are unable to exercise their sovereign right over their bodies and are shamed by heartless creatures.
No one “deserves” to be treated this way!

– Fictionatrix