Capture the Sun- Little Poem #20

“Since the time I have met you,
Deep inside;
I knew you were the one.

With you by my side,
I can fly to the skies,
I can capture the Sun…”


The glass pane of the window, in the corridor outside my hostel room is broken from the right hand side corner.

At a particular angle and time-the setting Sun post 2 p:m shines through the crack.

A dent in the crack acts as a reflective surface, creating a replica of the sun as it is.

I have a tendency to be in awe of the little things and thus accidently discovered this fact while passing to and fro.
It mesmerises me to see how a dent no bigger than a tooth, can perfectly reflect the sun’s image but only at a particular angle. I felt like Indiana Jones discovering some long lost treasures. 
This image was my way of capturing the sun! πŸ˜€

– Fictionatrix


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