Who is she?


That girl,
With the wild laughter.
That masked away her pain,
her scars.

The girl,
With the twinkling eyes,
Her heart,
Was a graveyard of stars.

Who is she?
You wonder.
But no one ever tried to know!

There are oceans, forests, a universe within her.
But she shall never show!

(Yes that is me, under the beautiful Chinar leaves in Kashmir! 🙂 )

Taken with a Micromax Canvas A1

– Fictionatrix


18 thoughts on “Who is she?

  1. Some nice imagery. Especially the second verse, loved that!
    I took it to mean that your eyes twinkled with the light from the graveyard of stars, and people didn’t realise it was a dead light they saw there. Does that sound a fair interpretation to you?

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      1. I have been well. We went on a family trip to Kashmir, now I am back in the rut of life. University is good, we are nearing our final exams so preperations are on.
        How have you been?


    1. Well, thankyou Marc!
      The point of the line was to hit a chord. .If you would like I could give a detailed explanation of what I had thought of when I wrote it.
      Poetry like all forms of art should be left open to interpretation. Thats the beauty of it all. 🙂


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