There is a chill in the wind.
Winter is here.
But I dont feel it.
Caged within fear.

My knees are crumbling.
Incessant rattling in my head.
I am supposed to take the world,
But I’d rather be dead.

This daily struggle.
Is making me hollow.
Its too much to comprehend.
Too much to swallow.

In my 6*4 room
These demons get amplified.
They cover the walls of my room from
the walls of my heart.
Till no seperation can be realised.

Who says the past has passed.
When it continues to hunt me down.
The past will always last.
Even after I am 6 feet underground.

– Fictionatrix


18 thoughts on “Caged

    1. Hi Akshaya, whatever I write comes from personal experience. The main aim for making this blog was so that I could express the things I feel, which I cannot with people around me under normal circumstances.


  1. I really loved this poem. but I feel sad about what you feel. YOur poem reminds me of my boyfriend. he was undergoing depression. Even though he had told me several times I thought it was just like another mood. I failed to understand him. we broke up last year and later I realized the pain he was going through. unfortunately I was helpless. I wish I was there for you as a friend to help you out. keep writing I will pray for you:-)

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    1. I broke up with my boyfriend for a similar reason because he never really took things seriously, while I was suffering.
      Dont blame yourself, it is very difficult for people to understand. Depression becomes a very over bearing and isloating.
      Thankyou for being so considerate. 🙂


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