Origami heart- Little Poem #24


“Your love is like glue,
For my origami heart.
May we never ever have to part…”

(For the curious, you don’t really need glue while making things in origami, as it is the art of folding paper.
However, one can and does use glue to hold the folded parts a little more firmly and to make the ensemble more durable.

Which is what I think love to be.
It doesn’t define me, doesn’t make me, but it does help in holding me together. 🙂 What do you think? Let me know! )

(Spending my time making cute origami heart bookmarks when I should be studying for exams. Then writing poems on them, taking artistic pictures, posting them on the blog, writing a detailed description of my procrastination! C’est la vie! 😛 )

– Fictionatrix


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