A winter afternoon




22 thoughts on “A winter afternoon

      1. Exactly my feelings!!! Hahahahaha
        And Rainbows are sprouting from one corner to the other like a canopy over my head. They keep the grotesqueness of college life away.
        I am getting my drama queen face on,I guess. 🙈


      2. It so is! I would gladly forget the names of the cooks. Never would I ever contact anybody by those names after college gets over. No way. They are the bane of my existence. *shrieks*
        Okay,that’s an exaggeration. But you get what I am trying to say,aren’t you?!


      3. Lol GLAD you understand. Or not. I dunno. Okay,I am gonna go with glad to have you in my corner here. Don’t hate me for this.:P
        Exactly! I dunno how to cook. But I think given the time they have tortured us with the shit they call food, even I would have perfected the task even while juggling economic honors.*rolls her eyes*
        I hope so. I really do.-.-

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      4. Nana. How can I hate you dearie. I actually am a passionate cook, so eating their crap is am immense torture. Oh yes, Eco hons is tough, you would have been a pro. Infact even if you start today you’d be better than them by tomorrow!

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