This post is dedicated to the love of my life. Never do I spend a day without thinking of him. Even at this moment as I type, a furry little face is burried in my lap.

My little dog has taken ill. The family hid the details from me because I had my exams. Now that I am home, the secret has been revealed. The poor chap has got a cancerous tumour in his belly, which the doctors wouldn’t operate as he is 9 years old.
In a few days he starts chemo therapy.
Cancer has taken too many lives close to me.

I have always held the fear that he would pass away in my absence as I don’t live with my family any more. Now that he is ill, the fear has taken a grip at my heart. I get very sentimental when I look at that face.

Our love goes a long long way.
My brother and I had always wanted a dog. However due to my father’s profession which required us moving around, my parents were reluctant. However, in November 2006 a miracle happened. On 8th November, my mother was walking back home from school when she noticed two pups sitting on the steps of a temple. Their cuteness led to a change in her heart, and she brought this bundle of joy home. Them being at the steps of a temple, was like a divine signal.

Bruno pup the next day ❤

The rest they say is history. The last 9 years have been wonderful. This little sweetheart has seen 4 transfers, has travelled the country and has been a part of amazing memories.

I have always felt quite lonely. But Bruno has always lent a caring paw and a floppy ear to listen to my troubles. The deep pools of his eyes give me all the strength, love and validation that I need. My furry little friend has fought valiantly with the black dog that traps me. He has been my confidante, my partner in crime. I cannot imagine a life without him.

Bruno wearing a sweater for winters ❤

Seeing him ill, makes me feel really bad. I have raised him as a child, and no one likes seeing their child hurting. I hope he recovers soon. Because I am not sure if I can live without my furry little friend. ❤


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