As the clock ticks by…


As the clock ticks by, minutes till the new year begins. I cannot help but get teary eyed.

This year, 2015 was the last year my precious Bruni baby was with me.
I can feel time slip away through my fingers and I dont know what to do. While everyone around me is partying the year away, I cannot seem to part with it.

After 12:00, the new year that this begins would be a year without my sweetheart. And that realisation is pinching me. Every year henceforth he would be a memory, in this readily passing year, he was a alive.

I wish I could reverse the time back, I wish I didnt have to begin another year of my life, a new chapter without those sloppy kisses and wagging tail.

The love his eyes had for me is something beyond words. It is unexpressable. The kind of feeling which is soul stirring and life changing.

I know I need to accept the reality and learn to let go. But in my heart the 12 year old who received the world’s best gift cannot accept that her companion is no more. If only time could pause, so that I could hold onto those paws, atleast one last time. 

Wishing all of you a lovely and Happy New Year. May God bless you, and may you achieve all that you aspire for.


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