5 things I learnt in 2015- Letting Go


Letting go is an essential aspect of being human.
It is a crucial element in the dynamics of life – which is always in flux.
Always changing.

The past year has been very challenging for me. It has been challenging because I have grown a lot more in this one year than I have in the two decades of my existence. Battling depression, getting into university, making adult decisions, and learning to stand up for my choices.
But the most crucial of them all, was learning to Let Go!


1. Letting Go- Of FEAR of JUDGEMENT

In life we all always fear one thing.
And that is the fear of Judgement.
It is crucial for us to realise that at the end of the day, the one who matters the most is – You.

For those who mind, don’t matter.
And those who matter, won’t mind.”

Thus, let go of yourself from time to time. Learn to enjoy yourself. Do what you would have done if no one would have known. And do it despite people knowing. Don’t let the Inhibitions hold you down.



The past year has made me question a lot of things I had set in mind.
Having rigidly set pre conceived notions is not suitable.
Be it towards new people, newer experiences and newer ideas.

The essence of living a good life is to be open to “NEW”.

I had pre- conceived notions, not just about others, but also myself.
As soon as you let go of such notions, you make space, you open doors for self reflection and self discovery.


3. Letting Go – Of EGO
The one thing that stands in between an individual and meaningful relationships is Ego.
Most of us don’t even realise how our ego ruins our chances.

Sometimes, it is better to make compromises than fight where both parties loose.
Thus, it is essential to let go of our ego complex.

4. Letting Go – of GRUDGES
The worst thing a person can do to themselves is to hold on to grudges.
We all hurt, we all feel pain and we all fear rejection. But holding onto things that have hurt us only hurts us further.

The best thing thus is to learn to let go of such grudges. Yes, it is difficult, but it isn’t impossible to turn over a new page.


5. Letting Go – Of PEOPLE
The worst thing that one can do to oneself is holding onto harmful people. You may not even realise how certain people are damaging you. We often tend to hold onto people because of comfort, emotional attachment.

I had to end a 4 year long relationship. It was difficult, it was sad, but I had to. Because, at the end of the day, the relationship was ruining both of us.

At the end of the day, relationships are meant to add something more to both your lives.
If, they seem burdensome and tiring, it might be better to let go.

Every year, I try to make myself better. Because the only competition that there is – Is the one that you have with yourself.
What have you learnt in this past one year? Let me know. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “5 things I learnt in 2015- Letting Go

  1. If I ever introspected like you then I would have been a better person today, humm I feel it is never too late, if you are( that is me )healthy and kicking so ponder over it and let go off all the toxins both inward and outward. Great read have great week ahead!

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  2. This was perfect. Being a pregnant teenager changes so much in your life whether you like it or not. It has changed me but by doing exactly those 5 things I have been able to have an over all positive change in my life.
    Great list, loved itπŸ‘Œ

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  3. I too learnt a lott in my life. I learnt to love myself first. I learnt to give more and never to expect anything back. I learnt to forgive people who hurt me and I learnt that the best way to to answer them is to achieve the heights of glory and proving them that they wer wrong. life is more beautiful know cuz d best thing I learnt is to forgive myself πŸ™‚


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