Walk and keep your eyes on your goal.

Even when the Sun shines down upon you…

and your troubled soul is anchored.

Even when they call you names and stab your back,
and your spirit is shattered.

Even when there is no one to trust but yourself.
When the path is too dark to see your shadow.

Just walk.
Breathe in…and walk.

None of this will matter.
Not those people, not those fake friends and real enemies.
Not those unfinished goals and broken dreams.

None of this will matter if you can just walk.

Walk away,
Walk ahead,
Walk alone.

Because its the walk, it is the journey that makes you worthy of the destination.

I have been having trouble recently. Walking away and walking alone takes a lot of courage. You have to swallow your pride. You have to let go of relationships that you thought mattered.
The journey is not about who reaches there the fastest.
It is about who can pick themselves up, after falling and still have the courage to continue walking.

May you always find courage within your heart.


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