Little Secret # 4 The city and its people


When I think about the passing day in a city. I like to think of the two as bound in a unique relationship.

As the day comes to an end, you can feel the city slowing down.
Those hustling bustling roads become calmer.
Light slithers away from lanes and alleys.
Lighting up lost corners as it goes.

The wind howls through, bidding adieu to weary travellers, as it gathers up the rustling leaves, and memories of a day gone by; all enroute home.
The city glows dim and yawns. Stretches and relaxes.

As the day comes to an end the city is the home for some and reminds of home to others.
The people retreat and so does the city, into a deep slumber.
To meet again in the morning and come back to life.
For one is incomplete without the other.


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