Little Secret #5 Seeking Inspiration

I am quite a cynical person to be honest.
I don’t trust easily.

Skepticism has always coloured my world view.

However time and again I have come to realise that deep within me, I am  hopeful.
I try to, involunatarily, seek inspiration from silly mundane, routine activities.

For instance, everyday on my way to class I cross this bench which says

Turtles can fly.”


There is no context to this.

Who is MS?

Was the person who wrote this high/drunk?

If we take the sentence to be true,
then what type of turtles?
Can all turtles fly?

What about tortoises?

Do turtles sprout wings?

Or are they trained air benders?

Where do they fly to?

And if they can really fly, why haven’t we ever encountered one.

The possibilities are endless.

But everyday, when I cross this bench it reminds how self belief and determination are key to growth.
If a turtle can believe in itself and be determined to fly, I am pretty sure he will find a way.
And so can I.

Turtles are quite relateable.
They are closed to the outside world in a shell. They may think their shell is strong enough but something do find a way of pinching through. I imagine they also get picked on by the rest of the fauna.
They are burdened by their own defence mechanism.
Yet however they try to slowly reach where they belong.
They are wise beyond their age and very perceptive.


You may think it silly how a random silly grafitti can inspire such thoughts.
But in this world where I believe that everyone and everything is bent upon bringing me down this is quite uplifting.

None of my classmates had actually noticed it until I brought it to their attention, and they didn’t give it a single thought.

However, I don’t really understand why, it has impacted me profoundly.
I smile everytime I cross this bench and thank ‘MS’ for scribbling.

So yes, in my cynical, cold hearted, rational mind… I would like to believe that turtles can fly.

Is there any such silly, mundane thing that has inspired you? Or affected you in a profound way. I would love to hear more such instances. (I can’t be the only crazy one here! ๐Ÿ˜› )


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