Little Secret #7 Evaporate


Have you ever noticed how on a warm sunny afternoon, if you spill some watee on the floor what happens.
The cool water touches the warm floor and slowly evaporates.
Into nothingness.
Not a stain not a mark.

You don’t bother mopping it up because you know its not worth the effort.

I feel like a puddle of water, alas unable to evaporate.

Time and again something happens.
It can be the smallest most trivial incident. But my mind implodes.
It makes me sick, nauseous, overwhelmed.

Like a dam breaking free because of the force of the reservoir. I shatter and relase all that was pent up.
And I fall.
I fall so deep into such darkness that there is no hope no option of escape.

And as I lie there. I wish I could just evaporate.

To never come back to this state, this life this darkness.



I took this picture recently when I had a breakdown. I lay there staring at the ceiling for quite a while. Do you feel this way?
Have you ever imagined an escape and how?
Let me know!


14 thoughts on “Little Secret #7 Evaporate

  1. I do this on Sunday mornings, lay and watch the fan move for hours and nothing else. Some days really beat you down and take the life out of you, maybe that says that it’s time to pause, break, stop and re-evaluate. I usually reserve my Sundays of every week for this without waiting for time to slip away from my fingers. So I fantasise about unlikely scenarios for a few hours, indulge in what catches my fancy, be it ice cream, a run in the park, reading a book, calling up a long lost friend. Whatever it is that you feel you need to do to feel and fit in that puzzle your life is in, including snoozing for an extra hour or two 🙂

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    1. Thankyou for sharing Charlie. I agree watching a sad movie is a good release. Music has been by go to. Its just that sometimes even these remedies burden me. I over think my overthinking.
      Sighs, Such are the troubles of this mind.

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