Sensitive Heart


To the people who mess with a sensitive heart.


You make promises, build bridges and scale walls around a guarded heart.
Then you warm the heart, melt down its defences, tell it tales and comfort it in its sorrows.

You make it feel sure of the world, make it believe in sunny days and rainbows.
You make it believe in love, and fall in love.

You make it feel safe.

Now you may go around, find someone new.
Because we all know love these is short lived and never true.

But a sensitive heart doesn’t;
because you made it hope for a forever.
You showed it fairytales but yourself turned into a nightmare.

Don’t mess with a sensitive heart.

For you may forget, but it won’t forgive.

For those walls will come up again from the pieces of that broken heart, there will be moats filled with tears and monsters from sleepless nights will guard whatever little is left.

And you may call it an affair and move on.
But its not fair.
Because you may love plenty, but a sensitive heart may never love again.


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