A few of my favourite things! #1 Rain (Photopost) 

I often go into a spiral of self loathing, and depreciation. I get over whelmed by work around me and get lost, drowned in the possibilities of all that could go wrong. 

Recently, I came across a lovely concept which said, make a list of thing you love doing. Now, try incorporating them in your daily routine. 

So, the following, category of posts is going to be about the little things that I like. Just to remind myself, as sometimes under my self inflicted burden, I forget the reasons life can be lived for. 

One of these things is rain. My favourite. I was born during the monsoons, so I like to believe that the first sound I ever heard was of rain. Despite the humidity and inconvenience caused, especially in travelling to and fro. I just love this season. I guess my mood mind likes the grey moody hues. Who knows! 
This is also a photo project. Which I hope will give me some inspiration, to go out and click pictures, and in turn, discover more about myself. ❤ 

Which are your favourite things? 

Do you have a favourite season? 


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