A few of my favourite things! #2 Sunsets 

​These monsoon days, Delhi and its terrible traffic jams are over shadowed, by beautiful heavenly, and splendid sunsets. 

A bit poetic I think. 

How, hundreds of people, honking, swearing, running out of time, are made to witness something so profound, and overwhelming, that it slows down time, even if for a little while. .

 A good exercise of putting life into perspective.

 And such momentary instances, like a sunset, are over even before you know it. What kind of life are we leading if we don’t have the time to pause and and admire such a sight! 

How I wish objects in this mirror were closer than they appeared! 

In a year of 365 days, one should atleast witness a 100 sunsets and sunrises. I try to catch one everyday, but yesterday’s was magnificent. 

To live a life, you need to live in the moments.

 As a photographer, I see myself as a collector of such  moments. 

Wishing that you get blessed to witness many such moments. ❤

For more such stories and pictures head over to Pic-Tales 

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18 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things! #2 Sunsets 

      1. Hahahaha woes of post graduation. Hahah
        Shite. I shouldn’t be laughing so much. I will be doing something or the other next year, too. *hides face*
        All the professors are busy these days cuz of one meeting or the other. So.:P

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahhahahahaha that’s freaking me out. I know it’s gonna go to shit the moment we enroll in some PG course. But you saying that is making it even more real.:P
        I might take an year off. So, 1 more year, I suppose.🙊


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