Month: September 2016


For once, 

For yourself. 

Take a deep breath. 


Ordinary – Spoken word 

Someone I loved once told me I had ordinary eyes. That its not that they didn’t love me, but that they’d love me more if my eyes were a different hue. 

Here’s to them.

Self portrait – Micromax Canvas A1

” Ordinary 

How you see me, 

 is different from how I see myself. 

Because I don’t just see, I live.

These eyes are windows for my soul. They have enabled me to experience miracles, from life changing, breath taking sunsets, 

to my first snowfall when I was 4, 

to the deaths of beloved, as they were no more..slowly fading into nothingness. 

They have made me see, discover, remember and recall, 

the new and the old, each crevice, corner and fold. 

All the spaces, faces, people and places. 

These are the blackholes into which my dreams, desires, perceptions and reality, waltz, creating magic. 

My eyes have seen Galaxies you cannot fathom, they have shown me stars in people’s eyes.

They have seen me fall and they have seen me mourn. 

And they have shown me the way, navigating through self doubt and tears, fighting my fears. 

They have seen the dark, but they choose to see the light, the kindness, or the hope of it. 

How you… see me…is irrelevant. Because that’s not how I choose to see me.

And that’s what truly matters.” 


Do you? 

Do you remember me on sleepless nights? Do you miss those days, those pretty sights? 

Do you remember me, seeing the setting sun? Does it feel like you too, have lost someone? 

Do you think of me when you are walking home? Does it burden you,to feel alone? 

Do you hear my voice, when you see my name? We are miles apart, do you feel the same? 

Do you wish that things weren’t as they’d become? Do you miss my hugs, when you come undone? 

Do you wish that we were, what we once were? Do you think of me, when you are with her?