Imagine a nerdy-depressed-sensitive mind musing over life with an eternal everlasting cup of freshly brewed coffee! (Hence the name of this blog)

When in trouble,
I pick up the pen, or keyboard, and write, till the fog clears.

Writing about life helps me comprehend the world around me.

I loose myself in writing in order to find myself again..

Here to ramble about things close to my heart and mind, whilst trying to be as honest and candid as possible.

I also love to photograph little details of life, that people often forget or tend to miss. I believe that every picture has a story to tell.
My page aims to do just that. Have a look!

In a strong, loving, satisfying, relationship with food.
(Saat janmo ka naata :D)

Feel free to comment, and give me your suggestions or criticism.

Tumblr –

For the curious ones-
Fictionatrix– my pseudonym is inspired by the ever so loyal servant of the Darklord-Bellatrix from the Harry Potter series (Potterhead for life!)
and the drop dead gorgeous, ravishing Dominatrix from the B.B.C Sherlock series(Please tell me you have watched the Abominable Bride!)

(I have a thing for these women)

Also Fiction because thats where I spend most of my time. πŸ˜›


18 thoughts on “Namaste!

  1. Thanks for liking my poem Tillie’s Folly. Looked through your site here — you are an amazing young woman. Life is long with many curves. My mother always told me that if you come to a dead end, you can always turn around. Your talent comes through — revel in it.

    Hope you’ll come back again to visit with me….I too am new at this game (see my About) but have weathered many storms over many years. I find myself now with a creative voice — and a world of blogs I never knew existed. Do hope you’ll meander around my site — perhaps some of my work will make you smile — or make you nod. I always ask for gentle reading! πŸ™‚
    Since you’ve written on depression…I’m wondering if you’ve read Jane Kenyon’s poem, Having It Out with Melancholy? She is the author of five collections of poetry…her poems have appeared in many magazines, including the New Yorker, Paris Review, the New Republic, the Atlantic Monthly, and Poetry. She lived and worked with her husband Donald Hall in Wilmot, New Hampshire until her death in 1995. I’m reading A Hundred Daffodils by her which includes some of her essays, interviews, newspaper columns and poems. I would guess you could Google the poem and find it.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. No I hadn’t heard of her untill now. Just googled her, such an amazing poetess. Thank you for the reccoendation.
      I shall look forward to more of your posts! πŸ˜€


  2. Hello. I came to know about your blog through a post by Hbhatnagar. I am glad I made efforts to reach here and read your poems. You are a great writer, and hey! we share things in common; painting, writing, photography. πŸ™‚ Stay connected.

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