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Little Story # 1 Amnesia and an Unexpected Wedding Invitation


I was travelling in the Shatabdi Train alone, and was lucky to get the centre seat with the table.
(Felt fancy, plus helps while eating and reading :P)

The man next to me spent the 6 hour journey, seriously looking out of the window, contemplating some serious issues and writing them in his diary. Having spent my childhood writing diaries I was naturally inquisitive.
On noticing my curiosity we struck a conversation.

“Why do you write a diary?” I asked.

“You want to know the truth. I am becoming an old man, I live alone and have become forgetfull.
I may be suffering from amnesia I am not sure. So I write everything that has happened to me, and the chores I am expected to do.That way no one knows, and I don’t forget.”

“How do you remember to read directions from the diary?”

He proceeded to show me the dairy cover, on which was written in black ink – “If you feel confused, lost and unable to make sense of things read me.”

The first page had all his details, address, important phone numbers. While we were speaking he was writing about how he has to buy bread and milk once he reaches home.

“Will our conversation be mentioned in your diary?”

“Depends”; He said. ” Are you eating those masala peanuts?”

I asked him for a picture, he didn’t want people to know who he was lest it affect his business. Hence I took this image of the sunset light lighting his diary as he perused his mind for details.

The newly married couple sitting infront of us managed to leave behind their wedding album and de-boarded. This began an adventure.

My new diary writing travelling companion and I proceeded to trace them down with the photographer/publisher’s no. We got the groom’s uncle, then the groom’s father and finally the groom himself. We managed to hand over the album to another passenger who agreed to wait at the station for the newly weds who rushed from Ghaziabad as soon as they heard from us.

All in all, a productive journey.  The 6 of us in the central table area did get to virtually attend a wedding we weren’t invited to. It was a Christian cum Hindu wedding and it was beautiful.

I didn’t ask the person’s name, nor does he know mine.
I wonder how and if I was mentioned in his daily journal. 🙂

– Fictionatrix